The graduate selected for the two-year technical Wakarusa Lions Club Scholarship is expected to meet each of the following criteria:

The graduate is planning to enroll in a two year program leading toward a career in a technical field (computer information systems, database management, automotive technology, criminal justice, health care support, imaging sciences, surgical technology, etc.)

  • The senior’s high school academic record indicates he or she is likely to be successful in taking the necessary course work leading toward the chosen two-year technical
  • If it is the judgment of the selection committee that no applicants are likely to be successful in a two-year technical program, the selection committee may select a second applicant for a bachelor’s degree scholarship leading toward a medical career (doctor, nurse, radiologist, etc.) or a health-related career (pharmacy, prosthetics, athletic trainer, etc.).
  • The graduate lives in the Wakarusa Elementary School attendance district